Pokemon Stranded v0.1.7 ROM Download

Pokemon Stranded GBA ROM
NamePokemon Stranded
LanguageUSA [English]
File Size13MB
DeveloperEntaro Ceraphenine
UpdatedAugust 27, 2023

You can download the Pre-Patched Pokemon Stranded and you are able to easily play on the Gameboy Advance emulator. This Pokemon Stranded ROM is based on USA English and comes packed with a unique storyline and exciting features. You can exclusively download this ROM Game from GBAHacks for free. After downloading, you can play using the GBA emulator on your PC, Mobile, and Tablet devices in original quality. To get the best experience, you should use our Cheats and ROM Hacks on your device. So, if you are really interested in downloading and playing on your device then let’s start.

Additional Information

Pokemon Stranded takes a different route from a traditional Pokemon game in many ways. For starters, Gyms or traditional Pokemon Trainers, badges, Pokemon Centers or Marts etc. no. Also, the main story of the game will be quite short and straightforward, but there will be thousands of side stories along the way. Most updates of the game will be about the addition of new side missions.

Features of Pokemon Stranded GBA ROM

  • Humanization – Cook for yourself even if you don’t eat. Ask Haunter to show you a magic trick.
  • Choose a Route – There is more than one way to circumvent an obstacle.
  • Optional SIdequests – As mentioned above, almost all gameplay is optional. But you are rewarded for your participation.
  • Easter Eggs – Lots of internet and meme references.
  • Adventure Mode – Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise now have a new adventure mode that allows finding items, crafting, and more.
  • EasyNav Device – A hi-tech device that eliminates the need for all HMs.
  • Craft Wood – Every time you cut down a small tree blocking your path, you have a chance to obtain ‘Craft Wood’, which is used to build tents and campfires.
  • Leon and UltimaSoul’s FireRed Base features.


It was an ordinary day when you left your house to get your first Pokemon from Professor Oak and embark on your own Pokemon journey. But you didn’t know that that day was not a ‘normal’ day at all! You see Team Rocket invade your city and try to steal the Professor’s Pokemon. And when you encounter one of the grunts, he uses his Drowzee to teleport you to a random island. You don’t care what happens to you next!

This is where the main theme of the game begins. You find yourself on the beach of a deserted, nameless island and now your task is to get back home!
Surf your way through the many islands you find around you and gradually discover the dark secrets of the islands. Gather bits of information from different sources and put them together to uncover dark, terrifying mysteries hidden on islands the rest of the world never knew existed! Theorize some of the unexplained mysteries and spot others from the clues scattered around the island.

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FAQ [Frequentely Asked Question]

What is Pokemon Stranded ROM?

Pokemon Stranded is a GBA ROM made by Entaro Ceraphenine and it is the hack of FireRed. It is a Gameboy Advance ROM and brings lots of incredible features for example Easter Eggs and the Adventure Mode on the gameplay. The graphics and sound are also pretty awesome for the best gaming experience.

How to download Pokemon Stranded for free?

Downloading any Pokemon GBA ROM is not easy because most of the sites provide the wrong file. But GBAHacks makes it easy for you. On this page, you get the download button and only need to click on it. Then the ROM starts downloading on your device. No need to signup or pay to download this ROM game.

Can I play Pokemon Stranded ROM online?

Yes, you can play this ROM game online with ease. Only you need to click on the Play Online button. And then you are able to run the game on your device browser. First, it downloads the complete game data and then loads the game on your device.

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