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Pokemon R.O.W.E. ROM
NamePokemon R.O.W.E.
LanguageUSA [English]
File Size10MB
UpdatedFebruary 21, 2023

Download the Pre-Patched Pokemon R.O.W.E. ROM and play for free on your GBA console and emulator. This Pokemon R.O.W.E. ROM is based on the USA English language and comes packed with lots of useful and entertaining features. You can exclusively download the ROM from the GBAHacks site. Because on this page we provide the download button for the ROM. After downloading, you can play using the Gameboy Advance emulator on your PC, Mobile, and Tablet devices in original and high quality. To get a good experience, you can use our Cheats and ROM Hacks easily. So, want to download then let’s start.

Additional Information

Pokemon R.O.W.E’s main goal is to encourage different team building by attempting to create an open-world Pokemon Emerald with QoL tweaks and a decent replay value.

Features of Pokemon R.O.W.E. ROM

  • You can explore the region in whatever order you like.
  • 9 ineffective but fresh beginnings will make each run unique from the previous one.
  • Hard mode is available right now.
  • Discrete Mode.
  • Battle-by-Battle Mode (Every battle is a Double Battle).
  • (Inverted type chart) Reverse Mode.
  • Ideal IVs Mode (There are 31 IVs in total.)
  • Zero-EV mode (There are no EVs.)
  • Play-by-Play Wonder Trades.
  • Wild Mints.
  • The method for altering the Poke Balls used to catch Mons.
  • Pokemon across all 8 generations.
  • AutoRun.
  • Maximum 120 Tms
  • Split Physical/Special
  • Regular Gym Leader Matchups
  • For trainers and wild Pokemon, level scaling is based on your number of badges with an evolution system.
  • By using the PokeRide feature, you may start surfing and diving right away.
  • Utilizable TMs
  • Mega Evolutions following the seventh badge
  • Using the DexNav, locate rare Pokemon.
  • Flying Taxis of Generation 8 from the start.
  • The PokeRide has eliminated Hidden Machines.
  • On every Pokemon Center, there is a Name Rater, Move Reminder, Move Deleter, and Iv Checker.
  • Decapitalized Text.
  • To surf faster, press B.
  • Level Cap for Pokemon Clover in Hard Mode
  • System for Gen 7 Daycare
  • Get the best Pokedex.
  • Exp.Share Gen 6 that you can always deactivate.
  • By including a Pokemon with the ability to learn the move in your party, you can fly without using it.
  • Flute Eon
  • To start off with a random Pokémon, use the surprise method.

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FAQ [Frequentely Asked Question]

What is Pokemon R.O.W.E. ROM?

It is a GBA ROM made by rioluwott and it is the hack of Emerald. It is a Gameboy Advance ROM and brings lots of exciting features and gameplay. For example, you get some random Modes and new-gen Pokemon to catch on the beautiful Pokedex.

How to download Pokemon R.O.W.E. for free?

Downloading Pokemon R.O.W.E. ROM is not easy but GBAHacks make it easy for you. Here you get the download button and you only need to click on it. Then the ROM starts downloading on your device. No need to signup or pay for the download. It is completely free to download the ROM.

Can I play the ROM online?

Yes, you can play this ROM online on your browser. Only you need to click on the Play Online button. And then you are able to run the game on your device browser. It loads immediately on your device browser and you can easily play online.

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