Pokemon Light Platinum [GBA ROM | Hack]

Pokemon Light Platinum ROM
NamePokemon Light Platinum
LanguageUSA [English]
EmulatorGameboy Advance
File Size6.2MB
DeveloperWesley FG
UpdatedFebruary 25, 2017 [Worldwide]

Download the Pre-Patched Pokemon Light Platinum and easy to play with the GBA emulator for free. This Pokemon ROM is based on the USA English version and offers tons of features and amazing gameplay. You can exclusively download Pokemon Light Platinum ROM from GBAHacks for free on your device. After downloading, you only need to use the Gameboy Advance emulator to play on your PC, Mobile, and Tablet. You can enjoy the high-quality and original graphic quality as well. To get the best gaming experience, you can use our Cheats and ROM Hacks. So, if you are really interested in downloading and playing on your device then let’s start.

About Pokemon Light Platinum ROM

Pokemon Light Platinum ROM is a GBA Hack and it is made by Wesley FG. It is the best ROM hack of Pokemon FireRed and you will get countless features and options. For example, it has two new Regions where you can explore and see all the Pokemon from 1 to 5 generations as well. Get the new Sprites, New Tiles, and the Pokemon World Championship as well. Enjoy the cool new graphics and the sound effects during gameplay.

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All Features

  • Find two new Regions called Zhery and Lauren.
  • The Elite Four and New Gym Leaders.
  • New competitors.
  • Get Pokemon from Hoenn, Sinnoh, Kanto, Johto, and Unova.
  • Legendary Pokemon as a whole.
  • New tiles and sprites.
  • Explore the new and final event of the Pokemon World Championship.


You awake in an unknown region where Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina are involved in combat. You believe, “It must be a nightmare.” What is happening and where are you? You look to be at your home as the dream ends, but you receive a message announcing that the Professor needs your help. The hidden language of Alpha, which was handed down to you by your father, is only known to you. It holds the only answer to the problem. Did your daily life change as an effect of the dream? Acquire a Pok√©mon, go on an adventure, and save it before it’s too late!


FAQ [Frequentely Asked Question]

What is Pokemon Light Platinum?

Pokemon Light Platinum is a GBA ROM developed by Wesley FG and it is the hack of FireRed ROM. It is a Gameboy Advance ROM and comes with excellent features and graphics. Players can use two different regions to explore and find lots of new Pokemon from different generations.

How to download Pokemon Light Platinum ROM for free?

You can easily download any GBA ROM using GBAHacks for free. We provide all the popular Gameboy Advance ROM games free of cost and anyone can download them with a single click. You need to visit this page using a browser on your device and then click on the download button. Then the ROM starts downloading on your device.

Can I play this ROM online?

Yes, you can play this Pokemon ROM online easily on your device browser. Here you can find the option to play this ROM game online. Only you need to click on the Play Online button. And then you are able to run the game on your device browser. It loads immediately on your device browser and you can easily play online.

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