Pokemon Kanto Ultimate ROM [Final Released]

Pokemon Kanto Ultimate ROM
NamePokemon Kanto Ultimate
LanguageUSA [English]
File Size7.31MB
DeveloperGame Freak
UpdatedFebruary 5, 2022

Download the Pre-Patched Pokemon Kanto Ultimate ROM and play on the Gameboy Advance console and emulator on any device. This Pokemon ROM is based on the USA English version and comes with pretty exciting features. You can exclusively download Pokemon Kanto Ultimate final released ROM from GBAHacks for free. After downloading, you can play using the GBA emulator on your PC, Mobile, and Tablet devices in original quality. To get a good experience, you can use our Cheats and ROM Hacks easily. So, if you are really interested to download and play on your device then let’s start.

Additional Information

An intricately updated Kanto that is harder to complete and has all legendaries available. Every hero, gym leader, and well-known figure from the first three generations may be found in 386 mons.

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Features of Pokemon Kanto Ultimate

  • Night/Day System
  • All new tileset
  • Kanto is complete with the addition of Tohjo Falls and Mt.
  • Mirage Island and Southern Island are also
  • Updated Trainer & Pokemon Sprites
  • Split Physical/Special
  • TM’s Infinite/HM’s Forgettable
  • Based on Blue & Yellow from the manga, there are two additional opponents.
  • Fakemon, some Gen IV, and Gen I–III
  • includes every component of Richtersnypes & Tkim’s “unofficial throwback” (GB Sounds, Bills PC Trading, Faraway Island, etc.).
  • All Elite Four members have been placed in the overworld as trainers for you to confront (all rematchable), along with the leaders of the Johto and Hoenn gyms.
  • Frontier Brains and Orange Island Leaders (rematchable) have also been included.
  • All up for an additional challenge are Tracey, Eusine, Wally, Ash, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Gold, Crystal, Lyra, Wes, Maxie, Ritchie, Archie, Bill, Mr. Fuji, Nurse Joy, Oak, Butch, and Cassidy.
  • Sudowoodo, Suicuine, Entei, Raikou, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Latios, Latias, Celebi, Jirachi, and Red Gyarados have events included in their calendars.
  • Level up, stone, and happiness evolutions all function in the game (see document).
  • Every trainer’s team has been scaled up, additional trainers have been added, and all trainer AI has been increased.
  • Teams and moves have been changed to mirror adventures, anime, and the original games. Gym Leaders (all have 6) and Elite Four & Rival have been redesigned.
  • All Kanto Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, and the Rival Trainers may be matched up indefinitely again thanks to the Trainer House in Viridian from G/S/C.
  • Kanto starters and Jessie and James’ bouts at their Yellow venues.
  • There are some new stats, types, and abilities for you to learn.


FAQ [Frequentely Asked Question]

What is Pokemon Kanto Ultimate ROM?

Pokemon Kanto Ultimate is a GBA ROM made by Game Freak and it is the hack of FireRed ROM. It is a Gameboy Advance ROM and brings new features and gameplay. It updates the Pokemon generation and gets more new regions.

How to download Pokemon Kanto Ultimate for free?

Here you get the download button and only need to click on it. Then the ROM starts downloading on your device. No need to signup or pay for the download. It is completely free to download the ROM.

Can I play the Pokemon Kanto Ultimate Rom online?

Yes, you can. Here you can find the option to play this ROM game online. Only you need to click on the Play Online button. And then you are able to run the game on your device browser. It loads immediately on your device browser and you can easily play online.

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