Pokemon Fused Dimensions v2.3 [GBA ROM | Hack]

Pokemon Fused Dimensions ROM
NamePokemon Fused Dimensions
EmulatorGameboy Advance
File Size6.5MB
UpdatedSeptember 24, 2022 [Worldwide]

You can download Pre-Patched Pokemon Fused Dimensions ROM and play using the Gameboy Advance emulator or console. This Pokemon ROM hack is based on the USA English version and has an excellent story. You can exclusively download Pokemon Fused Dimensions from GBAHacks on your device for free. After downloading, you are able to play and enjoy the ROM on your PC, Mobile, and Tablet devices. It gives high-quality graphics and smooth controls. To get a good experience, you can use our Cheats and ROM Hacks from here. So, if you are really interested in downloading and playing then let’s start.

Additional Information on Pokemon Fused Dimensions

Pokemon Fused Dimensions is the hack of FireRed and it is made by DanteZ.35. You can have multiple features and an amazing storyline. For better understanding, you need to know the story as well. Here we share all the features that it offers. Now, Fused Dimensions is the MOD of FireRed ROM and it gives a dex replaced with fusions as well.


  • A dex full of fusions—376 to be exact—all of which were accessible.
  • Addition of mega evolution (yes, some fusions have megas).
  • Every fusion has a unique Dex entry as well as the base stats on it.
  • Some HMs (such as Flash 60 power and electric type) have a variety of types and effects.
  • Forgettable HMs.
  • limitless TMs.
  • Special and Physical Split.
  • Addition of Fairy Type and Fairy Type actions.
  • Megas appears among the final Gym leaders, the Elite Four, and the Champion.
  • Shiny odds have increased (1/257).
  • To evolve Trade Pokemon, an item called Link Cable was added.
  • Due to lore or design, every wild Pokemon is altered.
  • Outside of battle, your Pokemon will survive from poison.
  • Repel Gen5
  • Excessive difficulty
  • Every Pokemon Center has a moving reminder.

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FAQ [Frequentely Asked Question]

What is Pokemon Fused Dimensions?

Pokemon Fused Dimensions is a Gameboy Advance ROM created by DanteZ.35 and it is the hack of Pokemon FireRed ROM. It contains countless features and offers such amazing gameplay experience. It comes with a new generation even Fairy-type Pokemon and a Dex full of Fusion.

How to download Pokemon Fused Dimensions ROM for free?

GBAHacks made it simple to find and download any GBA ROM for free. You can get all the official ROM as well as ROM Hack for free. On this page, we provide the Pokemon Fused Dimensions and you can easily download and play for free on your device. Only it requires the emulator to run on PC and Mobile devices. So, click on the download button and save the ROM on your device.

Can I play the Fused Dimensions ROM online?

Yes, you can play this ROM online on your browser. Here you can find the option to play this ROM game online. Only you need to click on the Play Online button. And then you are able to run the game on your device browser. It loads quickly on your device browser and you can easily play online.

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