Pokemon FireGold ROM Download

Pokemon FireGold ROM
NamePokemon FireGold
LanguageUSA [English]
File Size6MB
UpdatedNovember 21, 2021

You can download pre-patched Pokemon FireGold ROM for free on your device. It is the latest v2.2 made by TheShowPeople. This Pokemon ROM is based on USA English language and you can play with your Gameboy Advance emulator. The storyline is great and the gameplay experience is also pretty great. You can easily play the Pokemon FireGold ROM on your PC, Mobile device, and Tablet as well. Only you need the GBA emulator or the console to play the game.

Here we going to share the download Pokemon FireGold ROM with all features. Also, you can play this ROM online on your browser. On this page, we provide the option to play online easily. If you really want to download and play then let’s start.

Features of Pokemon FireGold

  • Johto is used in place of the Sevii Islands, and the Gold/Silver plot is also changed.
  • Build a new team and get a new beginning Pokémon.
  • Teams can be swapped out by Ecruteak thanks to Johto’s higher-level curve.
  • Refight with gym leaders.
  • Vs. Seeker was put into effect in Kanto and Johto.
  • It is possible to catch every Pokémon from generations 1 and 2 without trading.
  • Up to generation 8, P/S split, fairy-type powers and attacks. Some Pokémon have brand-new abilities or mega powers.
  • Recyclable TMs.
  • Made to advance you to level 100.
  • Following the first league victory, breeding is immediately available.
  • After the first league victory, the National Dex became unlocked without a Pokédex prerequisite.
  • On a rematch, the leaders could use a new team. Each battle will see Gold use one of twenty arbitrary teams.


A FireRed hack with a higher level of difficulty that adds the Johto area and the Gold/Silver storyline as a postgame. The Johto plot has been kept as true to the original as possible, with only minor adjustments that fit with the current storyline.

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FAQ [Frequentely Asked Question]

How to download Pokemon FireGold Pre-Patched ROM?

Downloading the GBA Roms is pretty easy with GBAhacks. Same as this page offer to download the FireGold ROM. You only need to click on the top download button and then the game starts downloading on your device.

Can I play FireGold Online for a Preview?

Yes, we provide the Play Online feature to get a preview or test the game online. It actually helps users to decide whether to download for offline play or not.

How to play Pokemon FireGold GBA ROM on PC?

It is pretty easy to play this Rom on a big screen on PC. You only need the PC supported GBA emulator and then import the game. Then you are able to run the game for free.

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