Pokemon Fire Gold ROM Download

Pokemon Fire Gold ROM
NamePokemon Fire Gold
LanguageUSA [Engligh]
File Size8MB
Release DateSeptember 05, 2022

Pokemon Fire Gold ROM is a Gameboy Advance Hack and it is made by Tzx211. Basically, it is the hack of Pokemon Fire Red and it is one of the most popular ROM out there. So, if you already play and complete all the levels then you can try out Pokemon Fire Gold for free. Here we going to share the download Fire Gold with all features and storyline.

To play and enjoy this ROM, you definitely need to have the GBA emulator. Then you are able to run the game on your PC and other devices like Mobile and Tablet. If you don’t have then you need to download them first and then you can use them for free. Moreover, we provide the play online feature for you to get a preview and play before downloading. So, if you really want to play and download Pokemon Fire Gold ROM then let’s start.

Features of Pokemon Fire Gold ROM

  • Sales in Goldenrod City and Radio Lucky No.
  • Addition of Intense Custom Music.
  • Johto, Kanto, and Mt. Silver are complete!
  • Fight 16 Gyms and Challenge the Elite Four in Each Region.
  • VS Seeker Trainers & Wandering Legendaries.
  • Contest for Catching Bugs and Making Apricorn Pokeballs.
  • New Moves, New Skills, and Items of the Fairy Type.
  • Forms for the Galarian and Hisui were added to the game.
  • Lake of Rage Floods and the Clefairy Dance are cameo events.


To overcome Gyms and face Team Rocket, the player goes across the Johto and Kanto central area. Players will also be able to face gym leaders once more, meet Celebi, and swap regional forms in the post-game DLC.

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FAQ [Frequentely Asked Questions]

How to download Pokemon Fire Gold ROM easily?

You get all the GBA ROMs from the web and there are lots of sites providing them. But not all works well and you should use the GBAHacks to download all your favorite Pokemon ROMs. On this page, you only need to click on the top download button. Then you are able to download this ROM for free.

How can I play this ROM on any devices like PC or Mobile?

It is pretty easy to play on a big screen like a PC but you need to have additional software called GBA emulator. It helps you to run the ROM game on your PC or Mobile device easily.

How long it takes to completes all levels?

If you looking for the main objectives then Pokemon Fire Gold is approx 12 Hours long game. But for a beginner gamer, it may take more than 40 to 50 Hours to complete the game.

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