Pokemon: Emerald Version ROM

NamePokemon: Emerald Version
LanguageUSA [English]
File Size7MB
DeveloperGame Freak
Release DateMay 1, 2005

Pokemon Emerald ROM is the most popular Gameboy Advance [GBA] ROM and it is developed by Game Freak. If you are a Pokemon lover and looking for the best game for your GBA console then you can download it and play on your device. It is a pretty enjoyable game with amazing features and gameplay. You get vibrant graphics and sound as well. Overall you really enjoy the ROM on your PC, Android smartphone, or Tablet for free. But make sure you have already downloaded the Gameboy Advance emulator of your supported device.

It is a role-playing game and you get the united states English version with GBAHacks. All you need to do is click on the download button and then import the game on your device console. Then you are able to play and enjoy.

Not only you can download the game for offline playing on the emulator or in the GBA console, but also you can play online. Below the download button, you get another option for play online. When you click on it, you are able to play Pokemon Emerald Version ROM online. You get all the controls and complete gameplay as well.

Excited to play? That’s the reason, today we provide the download Pokemon Emerald Version ROM for free. Here you get the option for quick download and play online with ease. So, if you really want to play and enjoy all its features then let’s start.

Features of Pokemon Emerald ROM

  • You can play lots of amazing levels.
  • Get high-quality graphics with punchy colors and clear sound.
  • It can be played on your PC, Mobile, and other devices.
  • You get the united states English version ROM.
  • Get the best gameplay experience with its controls and features.


You become a young Pokémon Trainer in the Hoenn area in Pokémon Emerald Version. You start an exciting adventure. Your ultimate objective is to defeat the Elite Four and the current Champion in order to become the Pokémon Champion. You’ll run into different obstacles with the wild Pokémon and other Trainers along with the journey.

The story starts when you arrive in the little community of Littleroot and meet the Pokemon Professor Birch. The professor gives you three Pokemon that are Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip. You have to start the mission with these three Pokemons and become the champion. Then you can start the adventure of catching more new Pokemon. During this, you learn and discover more Pokemons as well.


FAQ [Frequentely Asked Question]

How to Download Pokemon Emerald Version ROM?

You can easily download the Pokemon Emerald ROM file from GBAHacks. Only you need to visit the site and search. Then you need to click on the blue download button at the top of the page. Then you are able to download the game and play it for free. No need to signup or pay to complete the download.

Can I play Pokemon Emerald Offline?

Yes, but before playing the game offline, you need to download them first. Also, we provide an online play feature and you can enjoy the game before downloading and playing online.

How to Play the Game on PC?

You can play this ROM on your PC and even your smartphone as well. But you need the GBA emulator first. You can freely download the supported emulator and then you need to import the game only. Then you are able to play the game on PC.

It Pokemon Emerald is a Gameboy Advance ROM?

Yes, it is a very famous ROM by Gameboy Advance developed by Game Freak. So, if you want to play a GBA Rom then you can try the emerald version for free on your device.

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