Pokemon Emerald Final ROM v7.41 Download

Pokemon Emerald Final ROM
NamePokemon Emerald Final
LanguageUSA [English]
File Size7MB
UpdatedOctober 17, 2021

If you already play Emerald ROM and looking for something new then you can use Pokemon Emerald Final ROM. It is the hack of Pokemon Emerald ROM and you can play it on your GBA emulator. This ROM is also made in the English USA language and comes with lots of amazing features. You get the best controls, graphics, and sound effects as well. So, here we going to provide the download Pokemon Emerald Final GBA ROM for free. You can easily download the ROM and play it on your PC or Mobile device.

But make sure you have the Gameboy Advance emulator on your device. If you haven’t then download it first. Without the GBA emulator, you are not able to play the ROM.

Here you can download the Pokemon Emerald Final ROM with GBAHacks and enjoy all the gameplay for free. Also, you can use the Play Online option to run the game on your browser as well. If you really want to download or play for free then let’s start.

Features of Pokemon Emerald Final

  • National Pokedex is activated right away.
  • All 386 Pokemon can be caught, bred, and obtained through in-game activities. Lilycove Mart sells all event merchandise.
  • Evolutions traded are now accessible as stones or level-ups (all evolution stones are sold at Lilycove Mart).
  • HM moves can be undone.
  • TMs can be reused.
  • Running permitted indoors.
  • The Mauville Pokemart sells both the Mach and Acro motorcycles (I detest moving between them).
  • Utilizable Move Tutors.
  • Possessing Pokemon increases the experience.
  • Maximum EVs are 252.
  • The Day/Night cycle is unaffected because it is linked to your system time, however, the in-game time may now be altered (activated near Shoal Cave to make it easier to access both tides).
  • The entire Safari Zone is accessible right away, and you are given a PokeBlock case.
  • The fishing mechanism is significantly simpler now; if you press “A” too soon or too late, the Pokemon won’t fall off the hook, and you only ever get one “Oh! A bite!” signal.
  • After The Elite Four, Mirage Island emerges.
  • The states impacted by nature are now color marked on the summary screen (Red for increased stat, Blue for lowered stat).
  • Rare berries are now available for purchase (PokeBlock ingredients are located in the Contest Hall, while battle-related berries are located at The Battle Frontier store).
  • There is an NPC within Altering Cave that can heal your Pokemon and display EV/IVs. Altering Cave is now an EV Training place. Simply interact with the signs inside the cave to start battles with high EV-yield Pokemon (no more random encounters inside).
  • Flash has now illuminated the entire screen.
  • The repel system is in Black and White (which asks you whether you want to use another when one expires).
  • Ability Switcher at the Daycare.
  • NPC at the daycare will display the EVs and IVs for your group.
  • 9,999,999 is the maximum amount.
  • When planted and after harvesting, berries want watering.
  • Auto-reverse after receiving medical attention at a Pokecenter.

Some Extra Features

  1. HM moves can be used without being taught; just get the necessary badge.
  2. Wild encounters maintain balance.
  3. fabled encounters.
  4. Updated Wild Hold Items.
  5. while holding the item, changed trades Leveling up while holding an item for lore purposes.
  6. Retailers of vitamins sell PP Ups.
  7. Items from Secret Base that can be purchased after E4.

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This ROM hack aims to create the best possible improvement to the vanilla Emerald.


FAQ [Frequentely Asked Questions]

How to play Emerald Final ROM on PC or Mobile device?

All the GBA ROMs are very easy to play on any device. For that, you only need to have the emulator. Once you have the emulator, you are able to play. So, you need to download the ROM from here and then use the GBA emulator and run the game on your PC and Mobile device.

How to download Pokemon Emerald Final ROM from GBAHacks?

GBAHacks contains all the popular Gameboy Advance ROM for free. You can easily download and no need to pay for signup on this page. Just visit and click on the download button. Then the ROM starts downloading on your device.

Can I play Pokemon Emerald Final Offline?

Yes, but you need to download them first. Then using the emulator or GBA console, you are able to play offline.

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